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3D Wooden Puzzle: Coyote

3D Wooden Puzzle: Coyote
  • THE COYOTE PUZZLE COMES WITH UNIQUE DESIGN YOU WILL LOVE - Be proud to exhibit your assembled Coyote 3D model decor on any tabletops! Share the love for wild animals & puzzles with your friends and relatives. This educative and beautiful 3D wooden puzzle is ideal for kids and teenagers with an interest in science biology, and desert animals. Our collection of puzzles will help them learn in an entertaining way giving them endless hours of fun when building and decorating the model.
  • THE COYOTE DIY 3D PUZZLE IS FOR ANYONE WHO LOVES PUZZLES - The Coyote 3 dimensional craft kit is a model to build for adult & kids who love using their brain and create something with their own hands. Puzzle lovers will enjoy building this amazing and challenging 43 piece wood toy kit & painting the 3D wood puzzle to make it their own. It is a great father and son bonding project, for school projects or a get together craft play time with friends and family.
  • INCLUDED WITH THE PURCHASE OF 3D COYOTE WOODEN PUZZLE KIT - Includes 1 Coyote 3D pretty Puzzle Wood Craft Construction Kit with 43 interlocking puzzle pieces, an instruction manual & 1 paper for sanding edges. 3D Puzzles never looked so good, and the unfinished natural wood can be painted or colored for a more personalized look. In most parts no glue is needed and the pieces are interlocking together. The wooden puzzle full assembly size is 9''Lx3''Wx6''H. Paint & glue not included in the kit.
  • HIGH-QUALITY COYOTE WOODEN PUZZLE 3D KIT - The Coyote 3D puzzle is made of high-grade 3mm natural wood. All puzzle pieces are laser cut and sanded thoroughly to ensure smoothness of edges. Adorned with realistic details like its pointy ears and fluffy tail that can be painted individually for a more authentic look. Make it come to life and give it a unique design! Fully assembled, this beautiful coyote model will hold a bold and exciting pose on its own, ready to exhibit and for display.
  • IDEAL USE FOR THE COYOTE WOOD KIT 3D MODEL PUZZLE - Challenge yourself & your loved ones building this amazing DIY cut 3-D puzzle, display your achievement as artwork or play with your new model toy. 3D puzzles woodcraft construction kits help develop skills like eye coordination, problem-solving & shape recognition, while encouraging creativity. Customize your Coyote diy toy kits! Paint it for school projects or make it a game for friends & family to enjoy while spending quality time together.

Publication Date: 
April 19, 2021
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