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About Us

Our story begins in February 2001 when the bookstore, having been abandoned for years, was purchased and the arduous task of cleaning up a long abandoned building began.  After several months of repair and awaiting our first shipment of books (only 1400 of them) we opened our doors on April 14th, 2001.  It was slow going, but soon people began to realize the bookstore was once again open for business.  

Since then we have changed with the times and our customer's needs,  we now have over 10,000 titles in stock and many fun and wonderful gifts, games, and toys.  We are proud to carry many various and popular brands.

In May 2013 we we able to upgrade our shelving and actually create 'sections.'  (I mean we were able to construct clearly defined sections for each of the subject genres.)  This was a glorious step forward for our book sales.

We are still thriving and in my opinion growing better and better.  When the pandemic shut everything down, we used that opportunity work on our bookstore improvement project.  In May of 2021, we were able to fully open the store for business and we've been busy every since.

So if you haven't checked put the store since our improvements, stop on in.


Books Etcetera is an independent bookstore and we celebrate and encourage your freedom to read whatever intrigues you.


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