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SALE:Women Marked for History

SALE:Women Marked for History
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New Mexico's Historical Marker Project has served an important part in the way New Mexico tells its story to visitors, residents, and future generations. Lining the miles of highways and roads across its beautiful countryside, each marker has a unique story that provides those passing by with information about an intriguing historical moment or influential individual in the area. Thanks to the New Mexico Historical Women's Marker Initiative, this program has taken on a new role to inform motorists of the many historical facts about the great women of the state. It is easy to become inspired by the many New Mexican women who fill these pages. They come from varied cultures and backgrounds, but they all share pioneer status in their mutual quests to make a lasting impact on the lives of New Mexico families and communities. These women serve as examples through their deeds, accomplishments, and trials. They are not just mothers, daughters, sisters and friends; they are military service women, business leaders, healers, and educators. The New Mexico Historical Marker Project serves as a lasting memento of their great accomplishments and contributions to the rich and colorful history of the "Land of Enchantment." New Mexico has many reasons to be proud of these women and their contributions.

Publication Date: 
May 15, 2013
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